Projections EP

Nicolas Bougaïeff releases new EP on Denkfabrik in collaboration with Marcus C. Maichel (May 2019)

Out on the 30th of May on Denkfabrik , ‘Projections’ is Nicolas Bougaïeff‘s new release in collaboration with Marcus C. Maichel: First track of the EP ‘Orthogonal’ premiered on BBC Radio 6 Music in Maryanne Hobbs‘ show.

Projections brings together crystalline production aesthetics and unusually slow BPMs. The titles allude to impossible geometries as a metaphor for impossible relations, an imaginary world where parallels meet and orthogonal planes of reality interact.

Opening track ‚Orthogonal‘ contrasts carefully distorted bass and breakdowns where processed orchestral brass outline tense yet otherworldly harmonies. Precisely phasing synth loops create an evolving hypnotic structure in ‚Oblique‘, while ‚Parallel‘ showcases a gentle thunder of filtered orchestra samples emerging from subterranean grooves.

Listen to Oblique below and buy the EP here.
Artwork by: Colin Droz