off the record

Laurent Garnier launches Kickstarter campaign to produce film-documentary (June 2019)

On June 18th Laurent Garnier announced the production of a film documentary titled ‚Laurent Garnier: Off The Record‘ and a Kickstarter campaign to found it: The film will be produced by Featuristic Films and directed by french director Gabin Revoire.
About the project Laurent writes:

Gabin Rivoire has been following me around the globe with unprecedented access for the past three years, documenting my life on the road. Today 18.06.2019, Featuristic Films launches the documentary „Laurent Garnier : Off The Record“ with an “unusual“ Kickstarter campaign, aiming to bring the community together around the project. „

Find the Kickstarter campaign here, and watch the interesting (to say the least) video to present the project below: