NovaMute Night at Egg LDN on May 5, 2018

NovaMute Night at Berghain, Berlin on April 21, 2018

NovaMute Night at PAL Hamburg on April 20, 2018

Laurent Garnier’s ‘Jacques in The Box’ in orchestral performance directed by Thomas Roussel (April 2018)

Nicolas Bougaïeff’s ‘Ronde Infernale’ premiered for the Egg London Podcast Series (March 2018)

Laurent Garnier – It Is What It Is – Season 8 – Episode 7 (March 14th, 2018)

Daniel Miller as The Wizard of Mute by the UK’s Classic Pop Magazine (February 2018)

Nicolas Bougaïeff and Narciss about making of ‘Vocabulary C’ (February 2018)

Laurent Garnier – It Is What It Is – Season 8 – Episode 6 (February 19th, 2018)

Nicolas Bougaïeff and Narciss talk craft, and composing 60-second techno loops with CDM (February 2018)

Cabaret Voltaire at Grauzone Festival (February 10, 2018)

Laurent Garnier’s ‘Crispy Bacon’ is the sound of Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2018 campaign (February 2018)

Daniel Miller and Chris Liebing play Schimanski, NYC (February 2018)

Laurent Garnier’s remix for The Limiñanas: ‘Dimanche’ (February 2018)

Laurent Garnier’s Evolution by Mixmag (January 2018)

Nicolas Bougaïeff makes the DJ Mag’s Fresh Kicks #58 mix series (January 2018)

Laurent Garnier celebrates 25th anniversary of Sónar Festival by playing 2 shows (January 23rd, 2017)

Nicolas Bougaïeff collaborates with Itaru Yasuda on ‘Cognitive Resonance AV’ (January 2018)

Daniel Miller brings NovaMute’s release Nr. 3 by Charlotte de Witte: ‘Brussels EP’ (January 2018)

Nicolas Bougaïeff kicks-off 2018 with two remixes for the upcoming EP by Narciss (January 2018)