R.O.S.H. – Welcome! (December 2018)

At Noviton, we are thrilled to announce the worldwide representation of R.O.S.H., techno producer, dj and mixing engineer from London, UK.

Roshan Chauhan, aka R.O.S.H., the made in England pop music mix engineer, has shown a knack for productions that blend bracing club music with a dizzying array of influences. A sound rooted in UK underground music but clearly inspired by everything. With each new release commanding an ever-widening support of DJs from across the genre, scene and geographical spectrum. As a dj, R.O.S.H. is as meticulous as you would expect anyone in his profession to be but it’s not without his own unique sense of humour, surprise and energy. He’s as likely to draw for the latest Techno belter as he is a Janet Jackson deep album cut.

As a techno producer, his releases on Negative Space [MA], Drumz for Eternity and own R.O.S.H. imprint have already been supported by the likes of Jamie Jones, Laurent Garnier, Dj Seinfeld, Red Axes, Ryan Elliott, Joy Orbison, Huff Daddy, Thomas Ravenscroft (BBC 6 Music), Thristian (Worldwide FM), Bake (ALLCAPS), Bwana, Call Super, Vaal, Jon K, Jon Rust (Levels), Riz La Teef, Ploy, Leftfield, UNKLE, Martelo, Fortuna Records, Hodge, Artwork, Aurora Mitchell, DJ Boring, Koehler, Deadboy, Debonair, Universe of Tang, Violet (Radio Quantica), Make Me, Joshua James, Lanark Artifact, Cinnaman, Young Marco and Fabrizio Mammarella.

Ahead of 2019, we look forward to more events and new releases of R.O.S.H., they’re HOT.
Here you can watch and listen to Laurent Garnier playing one of them during his set at Awakenings @ ADE 2018.

As next, catch his energetic, fresh and surprising dj sets along the mighty Laurent Garnier: on December 21st, 2018 in Lyon at Le Sucre, February 22nd, 2019 in Munich at Blitz and on February 24th, 2019 in Berlin at Panoramabar.

R.O.S.H. claims to make techno your mum would like.
We say: not only your mum, but the whole family! (Here and abroad.)

Welcome R.O.S.H. and your wonderfully brilliant music – here’s to You!!!