Nicolas Bougaïeff shares his 5 Tracks of the moment with Big Shot Magazine (December 2017)

Berlin-based techno multi hyphenate talks news music via Big Shot Magazine:

As Bougaïeff winds down a productive year, Big Shot stole a few moments and asked him to abut his five tracks of the moment.
This is why Nicolas’s own ‘Cognitive Resonance’ makes his moment: “This year would not have been the same without this release. Releasing a record on NovaMute marks, without a doubt, the most significant milestone in my career until now. Watching the track make its way this year has been a rocket ship of surprises, first with Daniel Miller testing it out, next with Chris Liebing hammering it the whole summer, and now with widespread support across the scene. I was inspired to write the track by the idea of unity and connection between the hemispheres, I could not have hoped for a better connection within the techno scene.” Read here which other 4 tracks make his moment.