Laurent Garnier’s EP „AF 4302“ out on 50Weapons on April 4, 2014

The 3 track EP „AF 4302“ is the 3rd release of Laurent Garnier for 50Weapons . It doesn’t at all sound like the “the French touch” one would expect, but pairs the dark sound of 90ies techno icons Underground Resistance with bleepy acid lines. Here Garnier reiterates his close working relationship with the underground and shows once again his skill and rigour as a producer. Typical Garnier basslines flirt with the Retro Charme of Chicago and the roots of house music as well as his own. There’s a reminiscence of ”The sound of the big Babou” one of his great hits, but it seams like a version stripped down to the streamlines of an underground club between 4 and 6 a.m. And quite the star, Monsieur Garnier garnishes his EP with a B side full of conoisseur hit potential. With its shouted vocals and driving bassline H.E. Is a killer of a swinger. The EP, entitled AF 4302, is distinguished by an organic, raw, acid-flavoured techno sound. Three tracks and three different moods in which Garnier reinvents himself and takes his music to new, unchartered territories.
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