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Laurent Garnier and Chambray release new track ‚Feelin‘ Good‘ (July 2019)

Laurent has teamed up with Berlin-based producer Chambray to release a fresh piano-tune track on Radio Slave’s Rekids: DJmag has reviewed the release writing:

The French techno maestro hasn’t put any music out for well over two years, so this is a much-anticipated return — and it doesn’t disappoint. Teaming up with Berlin-based Chambray on the original, metronomic beats are soon joined by a muted cowbell and a synapse-burrowing, rasping b-line until exultant keys join the fray. But these aren’t cheesy keys: think ‘Strings Of Life’ or Layo & Bushwacka’s ‘Love Story’, as the slightly melancholic chords power it to a close. Rekids boss Radio Slave chimes in with two revamps.

Buy the release here complete with two label boss remixes and stream below the track: