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R.O.S.H. continues his research after ‘A Letter to RA’ with ‘Measured’

‘MEASURED the scale of ignorance’ is the continuation of R.O.S.H.’s research on the UK press coverage of the Black & working-class dance music scenes, its consequences and significance:

Find R.O.S.H.’s original post and words below and read the piece here:


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This is the concluding piece to ‘A Letter to RA.’ It’s an attempt to put a number to the press’ failures called the Scale of Ignorance. It shows how a community, shut off from the systems many techno artists take for granted, still found success on their own terms. It goes over the incredible amount of feedback received. It addresses every tired argument journalists dole out against change and once again, delves into proposals for new systems for better coverage. It’s 12500+ words. The estimated read time is 1hr 35mins. ▪️ Thank you to everyone who took the time to read, share or discuss the first piece with friends. I hope this is a fitting end to my short stint as a media critic. Most of all I hope there is change for the better. This is the very least I could do. I hope people with even more privilege than I have a think about what is the very least they could do too. Comments are closed. DMs are open 💌. 💙

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