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Nicolas Bougaïeff releases remixes of Nexus and Thalassophobia (July 2020)

Nicolas Bougaïeff has released a selection of remixes for his recently released singles, ahead of the launch of his forthcoming album, The Upward Spiral – out on vinyl and digitally on 24 July 2020:

Japanese born, Berlin based Kosei Fukuda, British producer Sam KDC, DIN-ST aka @fstader and British techno artist Benjamin Damage individually take either the creeping mutation of ‘Nexus’ or the nosebleed kicks and synth bleeps of ‘Thalassophobia’ as their starting point for this four-track EP.

Listen to the preview of the remixes below, and find the releases here:


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It’s with great pleasure that I announce the first four remixes of my upcoming album The Upward Spiral are out today via @muterecords / @novamute_ • Link in bio and dig in to the weirdness! • Last year I started seeing records coming out at a phenomenal rate by a mysterious label I’d never heard of called Reiten. I started digging around and I discovered the relentless stream of releases were all composed and organised by a single young Japanese artist called Kosei Fukuda. His approach to electronic music is sophisticated and ethereal, I’ve played so many of his tracks in my Berghain sets. I was absolutely thrilled that he accepted to make a remix for my upcoming album. THANK YOU KOSEI! • I am always on the lookout for artists who are experimenting with rhythm, meter and tempo, the whole crew around Samurai and Horo records is really future. I asked Sam KDC to get involved and he delivered a cutting edge rhythmic take on his Nexus remix. His music is FRESH and I highly recommend you dig in to his discography. We need more people taking risks for the greater musical good. THANK YOU SAM! #samkdc • DIN-ST is a rare alias of Frederic Stader. I dived really deep into the mastering process for The Upward Spiral. I spent far, far longer on this project than any other. We ended up redoing the mixdowns and masters for the entire album over a span of two weeks, it was an experiment in reconsideration and opening up my process to collaboration. Along the way, Frederic put together this alternative mix of Nexus that I just couldn’t pass up. DIN-ST is the first German artist to release on Warp Records, he was close to the Digital Hardcore crew, and now his third record is with yours truly on the Mute family. THANK YOU FREDERIC! • Finally we have Benjamin Damage delivering the blinding techno goods. I’ve known Benjamin for just about as long as I’ve been in Berlin, nearly 10 years, and he’s always been a techno gentleman and an inspiration. He’s somebody I look up to for his professionalism, he delivers, his inventiveness and also being a very supportive. Thank you for leading the way and showing us how it’s done. THANK YOU BENJAMIN! • #berlintechno #techno

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