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Daniel Miller and Nicolas Bougaïeff release collaboration record ‘Populist’ (May 2020)

Daniel Miller’s and Nicolas Bougaïeff’s new alias POPULIST presents itself with a release of the same name, inaugurating Jerusalem based label The Temple And The Low Dive with a 4-track vinyl:

Find the release here and read below Nicolas’s post about the release:


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POPULIST. OUT NOW. _ Mute Records founder Daniel Miller and I collaborate as Populist. The record is the inaugural release for Israeli producer Avi Caspi’s The Temple and The Low Dive (TtatLד), the first techno label based in Jerusalem. _ Daniel and I have been doing modular jams for a few years. I always made sure to record everything. One day Avi invited us to play a gig at an abandoned army bunker outside of Jerusalem, where he had been organizing illegal raves under The Temple and The Low Dive banner. Avi suggested we do a release to launch the label. That idea is now reality. Daniel came up with the band name and tested out the tracks during his Berghain sets, while I carefully listened from the dance floor. I edited the tracks following infinite rounds of feedback. Together we shaped the project into being, from the initial vision to the stunning artwork and international logistics. I am very proud of the record we made and the Berlin-Jerusalem connection we established. _ The self-titled EP is available now as 12″ vinyl and digital stream/download. Track in this video is B-Side cut Credo. _ Tracklist: A1 Center A2 Eraser B1 Credo B2 Temple Digital Bonus: Dogma _ W&P: Daniel Miller and Nicolas Bougaïeff Mastering: Frederic Stader Executive Producer: Avi Caspi _ @ttatld#thetempleandthelowdive@avcaxp#avicaspi#techno@muterecords#muterecords@tnml001#danielmiller#technomusic#berlintechno#jerusalemtechno#ambienttechno#eurorack#modulartechno#modularsynth#trippy#atmospheric#danielmiller#muterecords#populist

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